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Hello! Welcome to the Crazy Introvert Blog.

I’m Lois. I’m the Crazy Introvert.

Don’t let the adjective scare you. Here’s the story.

Before I knew what I was, which is a “true” introvert, I honestly thought there was something really wrong with me. I thought I was crazy for not being like everyone else.

You see, I thought that enjoying being alone, not liking big crowds and noisy parties, working by myself, and being quietwere NOT normal. At least, that’s what everybody told me.

But everything changed when I read about what introversion is. Susan Cain’s TED Talk’s video, among others, also helped opened my eyes.

My habits, my way of thinking, my personality, my whole being was suddenly  explained to me.

Aha! I was not, and am not, crazy. I simply have an introvert personality.

So this blog is dedicated to all introverts who also felt less of themselves because of their introversion. I know I did.

Let us no longer feel that way.  

We are NOT antisocial, extremely sad, shy, and pathetic; we simply appreciate and value solitude more than others.

Here at Crazy Introvert, we’ll try to help each other out by maneuvering our way in this noisy extrovert world. We’ll focus on self-acceptance, information dissemination,survival tips, self- improvement, personal development, and how to be happy,crazy, introverts.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Let’s show ’em who’s crazy!