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Term Paper Introduction

Using what we call thesis sentences that’s th e si s or theses th e s e des amis more than one what are these this is telling the reader right from the get-go what your paper will include you want to use the format in this paper comma I […]

How To Get Into Academic Writing

What you do when you want to move from grad student to scholar you know how you do all that reading you’re trying to figure out what the conversation is all about and there’s one conversation going on in the living room there’s one conversation going on in the kitchen […]

This Introvert Quits! (Or Is Going To…)

This one is a very personal post. Bear with me. In three weeks’ time, I’ll be leaving my job. In a world where regular paychecks and office work are the norm, I’ll be taking a huge step toward either personal growth or personal demise. I’m scared. But I’ve never been happier in […]