How To Get Into Academic Writing

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What you do when you want to move from grad student to scholar you know how you do all that reading you’re trying to figure out what the conversation is all about and there’s one conversation going on in the living room there’s one conversation going on in the kitchen that might differ from what’s going on and there’s one conversation going in on on in the backyard okay lots of different conversations going on and right now where you are you’re listening but when you write the journal articles but thisis the dissertation that you’re going to be writing okay then you’re going to be joining that conversation so you don’t want to be academically awkward okay what if okay also you know at a party there’s always somebody that everybody’s listening to their jokes. There`s more on academic writing at

They’re popular everybody wants to be with them and be like them and they laugh at everything they say right you know what I’m talking about right those are the big scholars in your field okay what if you don’t recognize the big scholars in your field in your work you know your professor well how come you didn’t say soul and soul right right how do I acknowledge that hey so what are we doing here we’re moving into that conversation we’re listening we’re reading I don’t know about you guys but when I first start researching a topic I don’t even know who the big dogs are in my field I don’t even know who the big scholars are that’s a tough one do I have to cite all 200 people that had that same idea or did the research on that that’s difficult so why and how are you going to use sources in academic writing why and how one it’s not just about giving credit because somebody else had an idea that’s part of it you’re also paying homage to the researchers who came before you you didn’t just wake up one day and have a brilliant idea it’s part of a process okay the other thing you’re doing is you’re providing a context and foundation for your research where does your research come from what’s the foundation for your research.

It’s not just a matter of a gotcha I better cite this person or I’m going to get in trouble it’s laying the foundation for where your research is coming from okay where did it start and where does it end what’s current what’s been done previous why is my research important nobody knows why your research is important unless they know where you started from with the foundation you’re going to bring them forward and that’s either in your introduction your background a literature review it can have lots of different forms but that’s where you’re doing that part where does this research fit into the current body of knowledge what’s being done right now it could be a framework it could be a methodology maybe there are different methods maybe you used to be when we looked at this problem.