This Introvert Quits! (Or Is Going To…)

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This one is a very personal post. Bear with me.

In three weeks’ time, I’ll be leaving my job.

In a world where regular paychecks and office work are the norm, I’ll be taking a huge step toward either personal growth or personal demise.

I’m scared.

But I’ve never been happier in my life!

Freelance essay writing, blogging, accepting my introversion, and realizing the value of self-improvement have opened my eyes to a different way of living and thinking.

The Decision

The decision to quit my job was influenced by many factors. The main of which is that my family is relocating soon. But more than this, I realized during the past months that I have been very unhappy at work.

I no longer feel like what I do matters. It was the same boring routine day after day. The demand for forced overtime and work during the weekends increased. Personalities clashed and people were tired and I was getting sickly. I was burning out.



This is my mom. 🙂






The job was devouring my soul.

Yet when I get home and start to write, either for my blogs or for my clients, I feel alive again.

I was never a believer in finding one’s passion and pursuing it… until now.

It was a so-this-is-what-everybody-is-talking-about moment.

The Hurdle

I thought that my mother wouldn’t support my decision. You see, I’m one of the family “bread winners.”

Surprisingly, when I told her about it, she said yes! Yey, mama!

Telling my mother about it and having her support me made me realize how much people can surprise you.Actually, I think what convinced her was the fact that I’m going to have to work a 3PM to 1AM shift. (Yes, me and a dozen other people will have to work at those unholy hours. I’m not scared of hard work, but there are some things that I will not do. Health and sanity first, money last.)

All I had to do was ask.

The Implications

Introverts are known for really thinking things through before doing anything. As for me, yes, I’ve thought this through, and yes, I’m still scared as hell. But I’m taking the plunge anyway.

Taking this step means many things. In three weeks,

  • I can start doing what I love full-time and hopefully get paid for it.
  • I can stay at home, spend more time with my family, and finally learn how to cook.
  • I can run every morning! (I always wake up late when I have an afternoon shift so I never get to do real sweat-it-out exercise.)
  • I can give my long-neglected friends the time they’ve been asking from me since forever.
  • I can finally update my blogs regularly.
  • And many other possibilities!

I realize that quitting your job and following your passion is not easy for everybody. Frankly, I’m not even sure where this decision will take me.

They say writing for a living can get lonely and can be very difficult. In fact, I’ll probably won’t be able to do all the things I listed above. But I realized that if I continue being afraid and staying within my comfort zone, I will never discover what I really want to do with my life.

So this is really it. Hello world of full-time freelancing. I’m coming for you.