From the Other Side: Understanding Extroverts

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A few days ago, I received an interesting offer for a guest post. I blog about the life of the introvert and was surprised and, yes, a little worried when M. Farouk Radwan offered a guest post from the other end of the spectrum, that is, about extroversion.

As there are many changes in my life that are happening, I have decided to accept his guest post and see what you, my introvert readers, have to say about understanding extroverts. I think it is important that we understand everyone, especially since introversion and extroversion are not absolute. Reading this, we may just be understanding ourselves.

Let’s take a peek!

Understanding Extroverts and the Right Way to Deal with Them

If you are an introvert then it makes a lot of sense to get more understanding of extroverts so that you don’t them wrong.

Usually most people assume that others are like them and this is why problems arise when different people attempt to deal with each other. For example, a person who always comes on time will assume that everyone else will be on time and as a result he will get extremely frustrated when he deals with a person always arrives late.

When people get to understand the differences between them in a better way, their social relations improve and they live better lives.

Understanding Extroverts

Extroverts find staying alone very distressful. They prefer to be in a place where they can see a lot of people even if they don’t know anybody. A Typical extrovert will prefer a crowded place over a quiet and silent one.

Extroverts sometimes appear to be “privacy invaders” from an introvert’s point of view. Extroverts can suddenly start a conversation with you about anything just because they love to connect with people.

Extroverts usually skip the formal part of the relationship, this means that they can start touching a person or calling him friendly names during their first meeting. This sometimes annoys people who don’t quite understand the nature of an extrovert.

Extroverts usually joke in the first meetings and can even include the people they just met in the joke, this also might annoy a person if he didn’t get the fact that those people are doing it out of good intention just because they love other people.

Extroverts aren’t needy or pushy but they just like to explore people during first meetings and that’s why they break formal barriers so quickly.

Most extroverts love loud music, parties and noisy places; this can be a challenge to an introvert if both were in a relationship; that’s why an introvert must understand how an extrovert thinks before they get into a relationship.

How to deal with an extrovert?

The first and the most important step in dealing with an extrovert is understanding that he is different than you.

After that you need to be comfortable around the extrovert and not to make him feel that he is crossing the border. If an extrovert cracked a joke too early or started talking to you as if he knows you well, let’s say asked you a personal question, don’t take it personally and instead enjoy exploring the mind of a different person.

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